Rubo-Konstrukcje Sp. z o. o.
Hutnicza 44 , 81-061 Gdynia,  Poland
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Steel Structures

We make steel structures mostly small and medium size. We have certified welding staff. Steel structures manufactured by our company have a wide range of applications in construction and industry. This is possible thanks to the usage of modern technologies for their production. Thanks to us you can be sure that the construction will be completely safe for the users. We undertake welding services on own materials as well as entrusted. Our rich machine park allows us to execute orders of our customers in the required time and the expected price.
We take care of details !
Up to ensure durability and quality of final product, we use modern solutions. Our services include corrosion protection of the structure, most often by hot dip galvanizing system. High quality is confirmed by the certificate that meets the quality requirements of welding according to PN-EN ISO ISO 3834-2 and the Factory Production Control System EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-2, which entitles us to produce steel products in the class EXC2.

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